About me

Laura Ruskyte (2)

So what is it all about…?

I am mixed-media Intuitive artist, born in Lithuania.

What does it mean Intuitive Art? It is all about trusting and releasing your creative self. Neither technical or disciplined process, but opposite, freeing and making you feel more then to think. Therefore Intuitive Painting is usually abstract and letting you find new ideas and living force in your daily life afterall.

Art is a part of my life since my childhood, when I chose studies at Art school. Intuitive Art eventually came into my life naturally, with a flow of self development. Lately I got interest in Art Therapy much, where I remembered, that ART IS MY BEST FRIEND. It became expression of the way I observe and feel the world, people and relationship.

Presently I study Art Therapy at Art Therapy College of Marine Institute of Dublin, Ireland.
I have a couple years of experience studying at Interior Design at Vilnius Design College, Lithuania.
I am a member of Lithuanian Association for Human Psychotherapy since 2014.

That’s all of me! What about YOU…..?